How to Say Goodbye to the Past

It’s that time of the year where we look back to a full year of fruitful harvest, and a new year of possibilities! Here are a few things we can do in this new decade to get 10% happier. 

1. Declutter start from the physical world first. Clean up your desk and you can have a clearer mind to do important work. Clean up your hoarded past, be it the old t-shirt you got from a race or random gifts received from relatives. Say goodbye to the past items so you can enjoy your life now.

2. Digital Cleansing. Try this traveling without social praise. Delete your instagram and only install it on the days you use to post photos, then delete it right away. Delete all your social media apps and install only when you have something to share, or better yet, maybe you will never have the urge to get on it again.

3. Say goodbye to friendships of the past.

Evaluate what are the reasons we are friends with people in our lives. 

Friendships should be people who support us, people celebrating our success and our failures, people who can give us a helping hand and not pass on judgments. A friend may not do ALL of that for us, but they should be doing at least a couple of these. 

Say no to the friend who sneers at our success, lifestyle change, goals, crazy dreams. Say no to the friend who makes us feel indifferent. Say no to relationships that puts us down, makes us feel small. You will find after saying no and being true to who you are, you find not pain of severing the old friendship, but relief, joy, and happiness.