A Budget Friendly Dog

PrincessHound Sunbathing

Recently one of my friends had a family emergency and I was watching their one-year old beautiful Golden Retriever for a week.

First 5 minutes of the lovely Golden in the house, she dashed outside and made a bee-line to the puddle in the yard, and started rolling and splashing around. My blood pressure went through the roof instantaneously. I then spent the rest of my lunch hour cleaning and drying her.

Mr. CodeJunkie wisely commentated this incident as “a reminder of what it is like to have a real dog in the house.”

PrincessHound Tali has been in my household for nearly 5 years now. And sometimes I forget that she’s there. Most of the time, you will find her sleeping on her own couch (yes, she has her own couch, the only furniture in the living room) and greeting passerby with the occasional ‘you-are-disturbing-my-nap’ gaze.

I suppose she is a rather low-maintenance dog, caveat the fact that when I first adopted her, she chewed up a couch, my bed, broke various glasses. At some point she ate a plastic water bottle. To this date, I’d still like to know, if it was tasty or just crunch? She also flooded the living room with cooking oil not too long ago. Woo, going on a rant over there.

Despite all of that! Here are the things retired racing greyhounds are unbeatable when compared with other popular breeds:

  • Low hair maintenance – short hair is so much better than long hair. No need to spend $$$ on grooming!
  • Barely barks – only bark when she absolutely needs to go to the bathroom, or you stepped on her foot.
  • Low anxiety level – sleeps 95% of the day away. It’s hard to stress out when you are sleeping.
  • Low walk maintenance – does not need to be walked. I think sometimes she gets tired just by looking outside, especially when it is raining.
  • Does not like to be wet – When the yard is wet, she tip-toes around the grass to get minimal contact to water. Easy to clean!
  • Wide variety – there is a large number of greyhounds retiring everyday. Whatever color, gender, and temperament (to a certain extent) you are looking for, you can find.
  • No puppy-phase – Greyhounds are generally adult dogs when they retire. You skip the puppy phase (which from what I heard could be nightmare-ish for this breed. Some call them “chainsaw with legs.”)
  • No training needed – Retired Racing Greyhound comes crate trained, house trained, leash trained. Cannot beat this.
  • Tracking – all racing greyhounds were microchipped when they were babies, so no need to pay for tracking devices.
  • Genetic Health – greyhounds were bred with rigorous rules and regulations (and incentives!) to produce the best performing puppies and prevent inbred. Therefore, they are pure bloods, but have very little genetic issues for large dogs such as hip displacement.
  • Conversation starter – I always get stopped whenever I bring Tali anywhere. People like to be confirmed they can correctly identify the breed of your dog. “Is that a GREYHOUND?” “yes, yes it is.” I once heard a little kid asking his mom if he could pet my pony.
  • No special treats – This may just be Tali but for some reason she really loves bananas. I have never bought dog treats for her. She is super happy eating bananas or leftover breakfast eggs for treats. 

All of this being said, of course, no dog is still cheaper than having a dog, even if it is a greyhound.

Here are the expenses PrincessHound has:

  • Dog food – I get the premium Walmart brand. $34.44 for 30 lbs. $1.15 per lb. This lasts about a month.
  • Rabies shot
  • Ticks and heart worm medicine – I used to not have to do this when we lived in California. Thanks Arkansas. I found a cheap generic brand from Sam’s Club for half the price.
  • A couch – also from Walmart ($176). Cheaper and fancier than a dog bed. I imagined Tali laying on this chaise lounge while other dog servant fed her grapes and entertained her with Greek plays.

Things PrincessHound doesn’t need:

  • Lots of dog toys
  • Expensive dog food and treats
  • Dog clothing
  • Lots of attention and time
  • Special treats

Of course, the time and comfort Tali has given to the family cannot be discounted by mere dollar signs. If you must have a dog like I do, but still want an easily maintained dog, greyhound might be a good option for you!

This is where I adopted Tali. The facility is in a rural area in San Diego. You can also do a quick search on google for the “nearest greyhound rescue center.”