How We Travel Frugally on the Plane

Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

Many articles nowadays talk about frugal travel in terms of finding the cheapest plane ticket, booking luxury hotels with points, get a travel points credit card. Those all seem like common sense but what was the tipping point for us to travel frugally is actually a few things we bring on the plane.

  1. We pack tortilla wraps on the plane.

Yes, specifically tortilla wraps. We used to pack sandwiches on the plane, but usually the mayo, mustard, and the juice from the tomato make the bread soggy by the time we sit down on the plane and THIS GIRL does not like soggy bread. I recently found that if we switched to tortilla wraps, it holds much better and we can pack a much bigger portion in the wrap than a sandwich can hold in between its two flimsy soft bread slices!

I usually would get freshly sliced sandwich meat from Walmart in their deli section because 1) it is much better than the pre-packaged ones, and 2) you can get the proper amount and not waste half of the sliced turkey laying in the fridge at home.

Whenever we go on trips, we get sandwich meat a lot. It’s something easy and tasty. But have you ever gone to the deli? Personally, I don’t usually go up to the deli and ask for sliced sandwich meat, so I always get caught off-guard when the nice lady behind the counter asks me how thick I want the sandwich meat to be. I usually awkwardly say, “um… regular sandwich meat thickness?”

Well, yesterday when I was at Walmart, I saw this sign that blew my mind:

I never realized they actually have names for different thicknesses! Though, the names are not as creative, in my opinion. But now I know when I go up to the deli that I want it “shaved” (I love very very thinly sliced meat).

2. Shamelessly bring your favorite snack

I once saw this girl backpacking through the Appalachian Trail with a GIANT bag of chips strapped on top of her bag as if it’s her most precious possessions on a through-hike. I think after seeing this girl, I have come to terms with where I can bring a big bag of chips. Mr. Code Junkie loves chips, but he does not enjoy flying. So we decided we are going to bring a big ol’ bag of kettle cooked sea salt & vinegar chips (yes it’s VERY specific!) even if it counts as our “personal item.” 

I also bring dried mango and these cocoa covered almonds I found from Walmart. Now, the plane ride is more like my personal picnic time!

3. Bring an empty Nalgene bottle

Ok, it doesn’t specifically have to be Nelgene but I am properly obsessed with them. I first bought one for backpacking because they NEVER leak, you can’t break them even if you drop them on sharp stones, they have a life-time warranty (say what!), and they have a GREAT amount of surface area for me to put all the hiking stickers! I also use it as a hot water bottle in my sleeping bag on cold backpacking nights or cold nights at home. 

At Torres del Paine

This bottle started coming with me everywhere I travel, and it’s really useful. After going through security to pop to the nearest coffee shop and ask for some hot water (for some tea you brought through security) or some hot bean juice (coffee) for Mr. Code Junkie. It saves so much money not having to make a habit of going to Starbucks and being attempted to buy a pumpkin spice latte or that unicorn frappuccino (remember it was a thing?). 

What is the first domino that starts your frugal habits?