This is a Now page. You should make one too.

What I am working on now:

The word I am focusing on this year is PATIENCE, the same with last year. My friend got me a little words project bracelet now I wear it everyday to remind myself to take my time. Highly recommend!

Going back to creation, self-development (workout & meditation):

  • Mr. Code Junkie and I finished building his music studio! Now he’s recording new songs in the sound-proof music studio at home. 
  • I just had a ceramic pop-up shop at the local boba tea shop Fruitealicious this past Saturday and it was very successful. I was shocked by the amount of support I received throughout the day.
  • I am struggling to get back to working out (twice a week) while building up my miles again for the half marathon April 2nd!

Updated on March 8, 2021, from Bentonville Arkansas.