This is a Now page. You should make one too.

What I am working on now:

The word I am focusing on this year is PATIENCE. I am pretty sure I only think about this once a month (if that), but it helps me set perspective that not everything needs to be done faster, and I don’t need more stuff, more efficiency, more stimula, etc. It’s ok to slow down and be patient.

Going back to creation, self-development (workout & meditation):

  • Mr. Code Junkie and I went to Iceland in September and loved it. 
  • I am restarting my ceramic journey with a local pottery studio. This time, I am a studio member (instead of a student) and I have my own schedules to maintain. I go to the studio Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, about 2 – 3 hours each time. I make a to-do list each week to manage my own practice and output. In the beginning of November, I purchased a Brent C wheel (it’s about 10-14 weeks lead time so I won’t see it until after the new year). 
  • I am now consistently working out (twice a week) and I can do kettlebell swings with 25 lb and deadlifts
  • Slowing down on the running side to walking/running to build up my endurance again for the next half marathon!

Real Estate Adventure

I bought my first investment property in May and it has been rented out, starting October 1! I decided to get a management company to take care of the property to free up time for myself to do other more enjoyable things. See the couple of things I learned since renting out the house.

Updated on November 8, 2021, from Bentonville Arkansas.