The One Thing by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan

  • How much I’d Recommend: 4/10
  • Date finished: 2/26/21
  • The One Thing: recommend borrowing from your local library.

I can’t believe the retail price of this book is $24.95. It must be a scam or a joke, perhaps both. This book has no original ideas and the title alone says basically everything there is about the content of the book. Anyhow, if you are still here after all this, read on to my notes from the book.

  • Going small is a simple approach to extraordinary results and it works.
  • The key is over time, one thing at a time.

The six lies between you and success:

  1. Everything matters equally: 80/20 rules, prioritize, say no, do the most important thing.
  2. Multitasking: Don’t do it.
  3. A disciplined life: you already have enough discipline, use powerful habits instead, build a habit at a time
  4. You have unlimited willpower: you don’t. Monitor your willpower use, do the most important thing first.
  5. A balanced life: counterbalance the areas you focus too much on, and… balance your life from period to period.
  6. Big is bad: Think big, think outside the box, don’t ask for permission, don’t fear failure.

Simple task to productivity:

  1. The focus question: what is the one thing?
  2. The success habit: understand and believe your one thing.
  3. The path to great answers: Think big and specific, benchmark and trend for best answer.

Extraordinary result:

  1. Live with purpose: discover your why, absent an answer, pick a direction
  2. Live by priority: backpeddle your 5 year goal to weekly to daily goal.
  3. Live for productivity:block your calendar for your one thing, protect it from peer pressure, outside and inside distractions.
  4. The three commitments:
    1. follow the path of mastery
    2. move from entrepreneurial to purposeful (to break the ceiling of achievement
    3. Take ownership of your outcomes
    4. find the coach

The four thieves of productivity:

  1. Inability to say No
  2. Fear of chaos
  3. Poor health habit
  4. Environment (people around you) doesn’t support your goals

If you feel pretty unsatisfied and a bit confused, this is how the book felt to me even after reading the entire book. All the advice were very generic, and some of them were explained in a more complicated way than it needs to be. Yet, Amazon review is like 4.5 stars… Oh well, hope you learned something useful from my notes and save yourself some time to do something productive.

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