#11 How to Paint the Front Door & My Favorite Paint Brand

My newest update is the freshly painted door for the barn. The color is Benjamin Moore Tranquility (AF490). They are a lot calmer than I thought they were from Younghouselove’s doors. After I experienced Benjamin Moore paint, I don’t think I could ever go back to Home Depot paints. Of course, Ben Moore is a lot more expensive but literally, I’ve put on two coats of this and it looks AMAZING meanwhile I’ve put on like 7 coats of white on my house’s front door and it still looks vaguely brown. 

Here’s the door before I painted it. It didn’t look bad in the photo but you can tell it’s a door that hasn’t been painted. It was primed white from the store. Based on Sherry from Younghouselove’s guide to painting front doors, the first step is to paint the recessed areas.

This is actually not as easy as it looks because I keep seeing globs of paint around the pivot points of the recessed areas. I finally gave up on being a perfectionist about them, and you can’t tell the difference after the paint is dried.

The next area I painted is the raised panels. Then it’s the large cross sections of the door. Overall this paint is really easy to control and I absolutely love the color. I am doing the outside of this door after our rainy Spring in Arkansas come to a pause. 

Here is the finished look.

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