#10 How to DIY Loft Guardrail (Macrame Railing) – Part 1

I added some railing to the loft this weekend.

First I made a frame by measuring the length of the loft floor. I made the railing about 3ft tall, so I measured the length of the top of the railing as well. I found these lumber from the Home Depot discount section (there’s a section right next to the cutting station that’s all 75% off because the wood has some damage or split. So I salvaged the parts that are still usable. I also sanded all of these with 220 grid sandpaper before assembly. 

I wanted to make some macrame netting to make the railing a little less harsh and more welcoming, so I added these hook eyes to be able to braid macrame ropes. 

I pre-drilled holes (in the depth of the hook eyes – see above drill bit taped with painters tape to mark the depth). 

This is what the railing looks like with the hook eyes installed. 

If you have trouble screwing the hook eyes into the pre-drilled hole, here’s a trick I learned. You can take a screwdriver (or any metal tool, sometimes I use this nail set that’s laying around) to put through the hook eye, and then use that as leverage to turn it. These tools save your hand! Unless you are Captain America, in that case, please contact me, Cap 😉

Here’s what the railing looks like halfway through. 

Here’s what it looks like once the bottom is fixed to the subfloor. But the sides touching the wall are still a little wobbly. So in part 2, I will figure out how to fix that, and then braid the macrame netting.

Here’s my first attempt at macrame-style curtain. It turned out pretty nice! This was inspired by the youtube video here. I am trying to design my own macrame net railing braiding so I decided to try and make a curtain first.

If you’d like to read more about my tiny barn building process, here are all the other articles. Happy building!

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