#2: Plumbing Update in Our Tiny Barn

While everything is happening outside with the removal of the garage door and installation of the front window, the plumbing inside the barn was underway as well. 

At first, I downloaded Sketchup and used it for free for 30 days to sketch out how the tiny barn would look like inside. I drew a downstairs (left) and upstairs loft (right) 3D model. 

Ultimately, there are other small changes made to this plan, like the bathroom and the water-heater swapped with each other. Other than that, there are no big changes.

Now it is the hard part to gather all the subcontractors around our area to do some of this work. We interviewed three plumbers around the area and got quotes from all of them. We ended up choosing this guy Trey who’s the most honest upfront with all the costs and detailed out his worn and it turns out he was totally a hidden gem. 

Here’s the areas that we needed the concrete to be cut out. 

This took us a few tries to find a contractor to be willing to come out for this job. Apparently, around this area of the town, there are so many construction sites going on, nobody wants to come out for such a small job. Eventually, we found a guy 2 hours away who’s willing to come out and bash out some concrete for us. It was rainy season in Arkansas in the Spring, and it was pretty muddy in here for a while.

At first, I really didn’t want to hire out for plumbing because it is probably one of the most expensive parts of this whole build. But once I saw how muddy and slippery the condition was when the guys were working here, I was very glad I hired out for this job. It’s like one of those scenes from Dirty Jobs!

Pros definitely got this job done a lot faster than I have imagined. This whole thing took about a day and half! Now the gravel is in to hold the pipe in place. You can see it just passed inspection (with the neon green sticker on the right pipe) and they are getting ready to pour the concrete back in.

The toilet and vanity will be on the left, and a 3’x5′ shower on the right. Here’s a much more satisfying photo of after-clean-up:

Finding yet another person to pour the concrete back. We contemplated on doing this ourselves because we couldn’t get anyone to come out. After a week of struggling, our handyman took pity on us and just poured it in for us one day. This is when the concrete was still setting. It looks satisfyingly flat and wonderful!

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